NTC 2.0 Happened A Year Ago!



NTC 2.0 Happened A Year Ago!

The Tax Club, University of Ilorin rejoices as we celebrate our milestone anniversary of the organization of the National Tax Colloquium 2.0.

On this day last year, Thursday, 21st of May, the Club hosted its epoch event, the National Tax Colloquium 2.0, which was one of the landmark tax events in Nigeria for the year 2019. We do appreciate your continued support towards the achievement of the Club’s objectives.

NTC achieves a solid balance between the evaluation of tax problems from the refined perspective of seasoned tax professionals and the raw, unbound innovation of young tax enthusiasts. The result is an explosive idea fest that usually provide Tax Authorities with plenty to think about, Private Sector Firms with ample fodder for refined tax strategies and the tax purist with multiple points for deeper intellectual engagements on the subject of tax in Nigeria.

Discussions at the second edition focused on taxation as an economic product in achiveing comparative advantage.

The event had the presence/support of Kwara State Inland Revenue Service (KWIRS), Federal Inland Revenue Service, Ilorin, Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN) – National, and Ilorin Branch. And firms like Deloitte NG, Dangote Tax, Taxaide, Abiola Sanni & Co among others.

Recognizing the ingenuity of young tax enthusiasts, the colloquium featured a pitch contest among tax clubs from various institutions.

Sequel to the great buzz and orientation on the gospel of taxation, the event which was attended by perons from wide variety of disciplines had carved a niche for itself in the waves of reformative change in Nigeria’s economic landscape.

Many thanks to Dr. Titilayo Fowokan of Dangote Tax, Mrs. Ashiata Agboluaje of Deloitte NG and Mr. Kunle Ogunbamowo, Partner & West Africa Tax Leader at Deloitte NG, and Mr. Olalekan Ayodimeji, Chairman, CITN, Ilorin.

Special thanks to our fatherly Grand Patron – Professor M.T Abdulrazaq, Staff advisers – Associate Professor Olokooba, Dr. (Mrs) Saadu, Dr. (Mrs) Salman and our Dr. (Mrs) Yahya. And of course our beautiful members.

Papers and Presentations from the conference can be accessed via:



Thanks for being part of our successes thus far. Let’s do more when it’s time for next edition.


Stay safe.

Your tax friend,

The Tax Club, University of Ilorin.

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