Established in 2017, the Tax Club, University of Ilorin, one of the network of similar Tax Clubs in tertiary institutions around Nigeria, is a hub for young, brilliant, tax-inclined minds.

In furtherance of our core objectives, the Club has relations with tax firms, professional bodies and tax authorities. Firms such as PricewaterhouseCopers Nigeria, Deloitte NIgeria, Ernst & Young NIgeria, KMPG Nigeria, Andersen Tax, Pedabo, Taxaide, Aelex, among others. Tax authorities such as the Federal Inland Revenue Service and Kwara State Inland Revenue Service. And professional bodies such as The Chartered Institute of Taxation.

The Club is renowned for its remarkable exploits and milestones in tax education, awareness and innovation. The hallmark of our activities is making the complexities of taxation relatable to the common, contribute to tax discourse, research and providing recommendations in tackling emerging tax issues.

We relentlessly aim to become the premier resource place for cutting edge thought in taxation, nurturing the next generation of legal and tax experts. Our annual national tax colloquium, continuous tax research, winning tax competitions, public awareness campaigns and a host of other milestones are few among our impactful ways of achieving our core objectives.

Membership process of the club is exceptional and professionally inclined as intending members are usually well scrutize in three different stages before they are admitted as members.

The Club is decorated as the foremost professional students’ body on campus. Beyond the letters of tax, it’s a home for nurturing professional ethics.

We can be reached on mail via: