Meet The Board of Executives 
1. President
Musa Kalejaiye  (fondly referred to as “Kalex”), serves as the President of the Club. He is a 500 level student of Common and Islamic Law, University of Ilorin and he also serves as the Attorney General of the Students’ Union, University of Ilorin. Mr. Kalex is a decorated debater, multiple award winning writer and a distinguished Senior Advocate of the Union. He is a man of many talents that takes every opportunity to showcase his impressive skillset.
He is the immediate past Lord Activist of Human Rights Chambers where he led the chambers to winning the award of the best Chambers on campus. Prior to being the Club’s President, he served as the Club’s Director of Publicity for two consecutive sessions. He is a highly principled and results-oriented young man. His strong vision is to help create a world where everyone does their share and are recognised for the content of their character more than the connections they can activate. Beyond being a tax enthusiast, law student and administrator, he is a lover of good books and down to earth and awesome to be with personality. He can be reached via mobile: 08168513241 and mail via:
2. Vice President
Mr. Sanni Abdul-Qudus is a 400 level student of Accounting and the Vice President of The Tax Club,  University of Ilorin. Mr. Qudus is a diligent young man with purpose-driven goals and excellent leadership qualities. He’s well known for being a scholar per excellence with top-notch human relations skills. His passion for taxation is rooted in driving new innovations and he believes the youth can drive the desired change. He can be reached on mobile via: 07038523877.
3. Secretary General
Fadumila Azeezah Oyindamola, a 500 level of Common and Islamic Law, is the Secretary General of The Tax Club, University of Ilorin.
She is deeply interested in taxation and diverse multi-facets of human knowledge. She is obsessed with impacting knowledge on people and channels her passion for tax through its education and awareness. She can be reached via
4. Assistant Secretary General
Miss. Balogun Faheedat Olabisi, a 300 level student of Accounting, serves as the Assistant Secretary General of the distinguished Tax Club, University of Ilorin.
Young and sharp, Faheedat is interested in purpose-driven extra-curricular activities and duly accounts for the interest in taxation and The Tax Club. Through her relentless efforts, she recently got inducted as an Associate Accounting Technician (AAT).
She is cool and calm to be with. She can be reached on mobile via 09083262812
5. Director  of Programmes
Miss. Lawal Toyeebah is a 500 level student of Common Law and the Director of Programmes for the esteemed Tax Club, University of Ilorin. She doubles as the Lord Chancellor of the distinguished Equity Chambers, Faculty of Law, University of Ilorin. She has previously served in the Club’s Organizing Committee for the 2019 National Tax Colloquium. Apart from being a passionate tax enthusiast and a lover of academics, she’s friendly and cool to be with. She can be reached via +234 909 151 4888
6. Director of Research
Mr. Mustapha Sodiq serves as the Club’s Director of Research. He is 300 level student of the Accounting Department of the University of Ilorin who has deep passion and interest to explore and research into the development of taxation to ignite young minds about tax awareness and education and to hone his talents towards being an effective tax practitioner. He is cool and calm to be with. He can be reached via +234 818 463 2937
7. Director of Finance
Mr. Adekanye Abiodun Quadri, a 300 level student of Accounting and the University of Ilorin, is the Director of Finance at the Tax Club. He is a man of great sense of humor and highly passionate towards achieving excellence.
He is a writer and a revolutionalist passionate about all careers in the Accounting field but with core interests in Auditing and Tax Consultancy. He can be contacted via mobile: 08184905586 and mail:
8. Director of Publicity
Mr. Adedimeji Quayyim Abdul-Hafeez is a 300 level student of Common and Islamic Law at the University’s Law Faculty. He holds the position of the Director of Publicity of the Club.
Mr. Adedimeji has a deep interest in taxation and revenue law and how its affects economies and individuals. He channels his enthusiasm in taxation towards tax awareness, orientation and education towards increasing tax compliance amongst the citizenry. He can be reached on mobile or WhatsApp via 08059310129 or mail via