Meet The Board of Executives 
1. President
Abiodun Adekanye (fondly referred to as “Biomight”), serves as the President of the Club. He is a 400 level student of Accounting, University of Ilorin. Mr. Biomight a man of great sense of humor and impact.
He is the immediate past Director of Finance and he has won a quiz debate at Tax180 at the Obafemi Awolowo University. Abiodun is a passionate tax enthusiast as seen from his strides as a tutor at the ICAN ATSWA and Professional levels. He is a highly principled and results-oriented young man. Beyond being a tax enthusiast, he is a lover of good books and down to earth and awesome to be with personality. He can be reached via mobile: 08184905586 and mail via:
2. Vice President
Mr. Omopupa Muhammed Awwal is a 500 level student of Common and Islamic law and the Vice President of The Tax Club, University of Ilorin. Mr. Awwal is a diligent young man with purpose-driven goals and excellent leadership qualities. He is passionate about Corporate law practice and Arbitration. He is a lover of music and develops special interest in taxation. He also has a good number of internship experience to his credit. He is as an Activist and a Student Legal Practitioner and has previously served in many capacities, the recent being the President of the Students’ Union Bar Association. He can be reached on mobile via: 08149715736
3. Secretary General
Miss Balogun Faheedat Olabisi is a 400 level of Accounting and currently serves as the Secretary General of The Tax Club, University of Ilorin.
She has previously served as the asst. general secretary of the club. Faheedat has keen interest in all fields of Accounting but develop much interest in the area of taxation. Faheedat believes taxation is dynamic and fast-paced and as such requires not only analytical abilities but excellent problem solving skills to which she exudes effortlessly. She can be reached via: 09083262812
4. Assistant Secretary General
Abdul Pelumi Ganiyu is a 400 level Student of Common law and serves as the Assistant Secretary General of the distinguished Tax Club, University of Ilorin.
An avid reader and passionate individual, Pelumi is interested in purpose-driven extra-curricular activities and duly accounts for the interest in taxation and The Tax Club. He hopes to impact and contribute positively to the tax space and development of the club.
He is cool and calm to be with. He can be reached on mobile via 09080481955.
5. Director  of Research
Mr. Abdulateef Ibrahim serves as the Club’s Director of Research. He is 400 level student of Common law at the University of Ilorin. He is also a freelance writer and skilled researcher.
Abdulateef has deep passion and interest to explore and research into the development of taxation to ignite young minds about tax awareness and education and to hone his talents towards being an effective tax practitioner. As such he is on the lookout for opportunities that can equip him with the necessary skillset to learn, thrive and impact. He can be reached via 08149646701 and
6. Director of Programmes
Miss. Salau Olajumoke is a 400 level student of Accounting and the Director of Programmes for the esteemed Tax Club, University of Ilorin. Olajumoke is a diligent young lady with an intentional mindset with clear spelt goals. Not to mention, she is also a creative writer  She has previously served in the Club’s Organizing Committee for programs such as the Taiwo Oyedele “Mentorship session” and the National Tax Colloquium.
Apart from being a passionate tax enthusiast and a lover of academics, she’s friendly and cool to be with. She can be reached via +234 8146 292 235
7. Director of Finance
Mr. Yahaya Moshood Kolawole is a 400 level student of Common law and holds the position of the Director of Finance at the Tax Club, Unilorin. He has unquenchable interest in taxation. He is also enthusiastic about learning the financial and economic aspects of tax. Moshood is a man of great sense of humor and highly passionate towards achieving excellence.
He can be contacted via mobile: 08170852696 and 
8. Director of Publicity
Mr. Rodiyah Adekunle is a 400 level student of Finance at the University of Ilorin. He holds the position of the Director of Publicity of the Club.
Rodiyah is a passionate individual with an interesting mindset to help the club attain with more awareness in the tax space. She strongly believes in the outreach capacity of the club and strives to help in pitching the club to a greater level using publicity as an essential paraphernalia. She can be reached on mobile or WhatsApp via 08180475258